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Thread: Outlook Express, can't receive e-mails

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    Outlook Express, can't receive e-mails

    Last few days I am not receiving e-mails in the outlook express. I can send e-mails, but can't receive it. Check the setting and it looks ok.

    It connects to the server, it informs me how many e-mails on the server, but then it cuts off.

    Any suggestions, or guidance where can I find the help.

    My operating system Windows XP home, Microsoft Outlook Express 6

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    check your firewall settings and see if anything has changed there. Also some antivirus software may prevent outlook express from receiving email.

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    No OE errors at all?

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    I have seen this problems a few time where i work. There was two things that i did to fix this error. One was if you are connected at a 10mbps turn outlooks cashe mode on. Also i have seen where the CAT5 cable was flakey and when i replaced it then out look would work correctly.

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    Thats probably cause nobody is emailing u J/K

    Well, the same thing happened to me with my gmail account on Outlook Express. It was going well, but suddently i stopped getting mails.

    Then I rechecked the settings and realized that the was a mistake, so when I corrected it it started to work, but normaly the error that happened to me is not usualy supposed to occur unless someone else screwed it up,

    But meh... Its worth a try, u wont loose anything, so I say check out if everything is correct.

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