The following process will allow you to install Vista (Beta 1) on a
drive connected to a VIA SATA RAID controller fron the Vista Windows PE
installer interface. The drive can be a standalone drive, or a RAID0
array, either will work. I posted an abbreviated version of this in
another thread, but figured this was worth a headline.

1. Download the latest SATA drivers from VIA,
2. Extract the text mode drivers from the zip file for your version of
Vista. The path to the x86 files is VIARAID430Gdrvdiski386NT5*.*, and
the x64 files is VIARAID430GdrvdiskAMD642003x64*.*
3. Copy the files you got in step 2 to the root directory of a floppy
or CD.
4. Boot from your Vista install DVD.
5. When you are at the "select where to install Vista" screen, click
the driver button, making sure th cd or floppy you made in step 3 is in
the drive.
6. Select the appropriate item from the list of drivers found.

If you selected the correct driver, your SATA drives should now be
available to install Vista on. If not, go back and pick a different driver
until you do.

The above procedure may work for other SATA controllers as well.

Source: iexbeta email