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Thread: synchronization with portable device

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    synchronization with portable device

    I have USB drive and a camera. I have copyed songs on the USB drive and afterwards connected the camera, windows asked me if I want to synchronize my media automatically or manually. I didn't know what it meant so I clicked automatically, now he copy songs on my camera automatically when I plug it in, how can I change it?
    can I actually make it work for me?
    how can I set what to synchronize?

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    Switching Between Automatic and Manual Synchronization

    It's easy to switch between automatic and manual synchronization for a device.

    To switch between automatic and manual synchronization


    In Windows Media Player, click Library.


    In the Contents pane, right-click the device and click Change Sync Settings.


    In the Synchronization Settings dialog box, clear or select the Synchronize device automatically check box to select the mode you want.

    Also check the following website for more information:

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