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Thread: Live Audio Streaming Issues

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    Live Audio Streaming Issues

    I am having an interesting ordeal. My site broadcasts high school sports utilizing WME 9.0. Recently, we signed up w/a company who would allow us to do live streaming as long as we didn't use more than 400GB of monthly transfer. The price was great and I passed it down to the schools. Now they are ready to broadcast in 1-2 weeks.
    PROBLEM: The company told me that their servers are loaded w/2003 Web Edition. Need to find a "patch" or code that will allow 2003 to do live audio streaming. 2003 Standard Edition is what is normally used.
    I spent 4.5 hours on hold at Microsoft on Tuesday and Thursday. Will NOT do that again.
    Ideas???? Thanks!

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    Something else to try instead of patching the server is installing software that takes the place of the software that is stripped out of the web edition.

    The link above posts software compatible with windows (doesn't state with server 2003 web edition though) but it is worth a try.

    Web Edition is really a ghettoed server... It's so stripped down that the basic function is as it states storing web files.

    Designed for dedicated Web serving and hosting, Windows 2003, Web Edition, delivers a single-purpose solution for Internet service providers, application developers, and others who use or deploy specific Web functionality.
    If you can afford it the standard or enterprise are much better suited to what you need. I know that doesn't help, but it is an alternative.

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