What is Tivo To Go and what is this web page?
Chances are, if you made it to this site you know what Tivo To Go is. Just in case you need a refresher TTG is a service which allows you to extract television recordings from your networked stand-alone Tivo device to your Windows XP PC for personal, noncommercial use. This web page isn't intended as a hard-core geek guide, just a place get the average Tivo user pointed in the right direction by exposing some of options that have worked for me. None of the products or methods listed on this page involve breaking Tivo's encryption nor do they describe the illegal distribution of video. This guide is intended to facilitate the personal, noncommercial viewing and archiving of television files that Tivo has recorded at your request.

How do I get shows off my Tivo?
Your Tivo device needs to have downloaded 7.x to provide TTG functionality. Once you've met that requirement, you have a few options:

1. Use the provided Tivo Desktop software for Windows.
2. Directly connect to the web service your Tivo is running as described here.
3. Use a custom app to connect to the web server your Tivo is running.

For most folks, the free Tivo Desktop software is sufficient to manage the download of shows from your Tivo. JavaHMO is an example of a custom app, using Tivo's published specifications which requires no modification of your Tivo device.

The Full Story: Tivo 2 Go

I don't own a TIVO but if I did I'd be keen on making my content portable for when I travelled or wanted to watch the content on the go I'd be using the site linked above quite a bit.