In the last month, there have been 157 prostitution related arrests in the city of Memphis. It's an epidemic police have yet to get a handle on.

But one local business woman is making a unique effort to solve the problem.

Customers call her Sarah Clayborne "the pie lady". But now this self-made businesswoman wants to help other women get out of the oldest profession in the world.

"It's called the Saveahoe Foundation," Clayborne said. She knows the name may be a little hard to get past.

"People have a problem with the name so I asked them what's wrong, a ho don't need saving?"

Clayborne says there are too many women working the streets because they feel they don't have any other options.

"When I see it my heart goes out to them, it's a lack of knowledge they don't know any better," she said.

The foundation will offer women job training and financial counseling so they can do better.

"Women need to arrive and learn how to use their mind and not their behind so that's why we're here to preserve the dignity of women," Clayborne said.

She plans to hold a seminar next month to formally introduce "Saveahoe Foundation" to the public.

LOL, I know this woman is serious, but with that name, I don't think people can take it seriously... LOL