So you have an MSDN account, you installed longhorn and it uses a new bootloader... and you now have 2 boot sequences to run through (legacy XP).

BUt you are sick of testing Longhorn and you want to move on and reformat partitions or drives you installed Longhorn on.

Well, here's how to get it going:

1. Open in your Windows XP/2000 Install.
2. Go to the root of your C: drive (as defined in your Windows XP/2000 Install).
3. Key in cd boot to navigate to the boot directory.
4. Key in fixntfs -xp -all and hit enter.
5. Reboot.

Optional Step: If you're really cautious, or just want to be entirely Longhorn-free, grab your XP/2000 Installation CD and copy ntldr and to your C: drive and overwrite the originals.

NOTE: Techzonez claims no responsibility for you screwing up your computer using the above method. Use it at your own risk!