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Thread: Corel Paint Shop Pro X

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    Corel Paint Shop Pro X

    Corel Paint Shop Pro X ushers in a new era of photo editing software by putting the power of advanced photo editing into every user's hands, whether they're a first time photographer or a seasoned professional. With a revamped user interface featuring a new, integrated Learning Center and Browser palette, Paint Shop Pro X is designed to accelerate learning and increase productivity. Tools are intelligently organized by task within the Learning Center palette, enabling users of all skill levels to produce professional-looking results with no previous photo editing experience required.

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    Download: Corel Paint Shop Pro X

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    i never tried paint shop, I usualy, use Photoshop, and I luv it, but i think i'll try paint shop out, i mean it wont kill me,

    BTW, thx for the link Rev

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