nothing but junk Constant 0x000000D1: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL when I'm on the net , did all M$ said to remedy= Tried all drivers for modem= junk , junk , junk..

XP PRO keeps installing 2 modems and I only have 1=

Xp PRO keeps installing 3 game controllers and I only have 1= junk , junk , junk= XP PRO

Constant Page Faults= =junk XP PRO= you know by now I'm....

XP PRO won't let me use DMA mode on my DVD-Rom= I don't need to tell ya how I feel , but I will one more time

And to top it all off now I can't even use sfc /scannow because the piece of junk XP PRO tells me that I don't have the right XP CD in my non DMA DVD drive....ya right what's next a fire inside my box LOL...HaHa...

I have two HD's inside my box , one has XP (piece of junk)PRO and the other has XP (works flawless) Home . That means that all the hardware & drivers are the same for XP PRO and XP Home . All software is the same , I've installed Both XP PRO & Home numerous times and XP Home is always trouble free...XP PRO always has the same problems !

I would give this XP PRO to anyone who wants it for Free but the reason I won't is because I don't want this or any Forum to be over run by mass problems...LOL..HaHa..Ah HA HA HA !

Ok I feel better now... Hmmm wonder if SP1 could help any