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Thread: Getting Around Windows 2000 Password?

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    Getting Around Windows 2000 Password?

    Hey Guys,

    Had some computers donated to us from the church. Many are in very nice condition and we'd like to donate them to kids/folks who can't afford them. Yeah, we're saps! Anywhoooo, we don't have the password to get into it (Windows 2000) and are not sure what to do. Want to give them away with operating system they have on them. Any way I can get around this? Reset it? Delete it? Never used or had to repair Windows 2000 before.


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    On some Windows OS, ou cn just hit Enter without entering user name or password. I've got a feeling though that Win2000 is not such an OS though - AFAIK it requires a password so if it doesn't ask you for one, it's been set to use a default.
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