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Thread: Can't share everything as Admin in XP?

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    Can't share everything as Admin in XP?

    Sorry if this has been asked before.

    New to networking. Started a small home network with just two Win XP workstations and Netgear Pre-N wireless router. Tried to share the C: drive from one PC to the other. A few folders can be shared, others like the Windows folder and Program Files are not accessible. The message I get is that I don't have permission and to contact the Admin, but both workstations are logged in as Administrator. These folders can not be shared individually either: the checkbox option is grayed out.

    Any way around this?


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    Make sure that you select "Share this folder" in the sharing properties box.

    Then give the share a new name. If you leave the original name there it may tell you that this is a default share for system use only .

    Remember to set permissions so that you do not share you files with everyone

    Hope this helps

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