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Thread: error 70 permission denied Playlist import to Excel

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    Question error 70 permission denied Playlist import to Excel

    I get an error with playlist import to Excel wizard.
    The Windows Media Playlist Import tool has encountered an error.
    70 Permission denied

    How can I fix this?
    Note worked OK once on Sep 11. Did not work second and subsequent tries on Sep 11 nor now despite repeated cold boots. Have tried setting Excel macro security to lowest setting. Have uninstalled entire bonus pack and reinstalled fresh. Have created entirely new playlists. Have examined playlist .asx XML - appears good.

    Downloaded and installed Windows Media Bonus Pack for Windows XP.
    Have WinXP Pro, Office 2003 (Excel etc), Media Player 10.
    Exported playlist as playlist1.asx.
    Imported into Excel using Windows Media Player Playlist Import to Excel Wizard.
    Saved Excel file as playlist1.xls.
    Everything worked well up to that point.
    Exported second playlist as playlist3.asx
    Tried to import through wizard from start menu.
    Error occurs.

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    The suggestion there was to try to reinstall Office.

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