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Thread: Extreme Silence: A Quiet PC

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    Extreme Silence: A Quiet PC

    Welcome to my homepage! I'm Juha, a finn in his twenties, I live in Finland and study automation in university of technology. I have spent half a year to build a noise insulation case for my computer and that's what I'm going to concentrate on this website. The whole project is documented on six sub-pages. There are about 150 pictures, which will hopefully explain a lot, probably more than my "good but could be better" english which I tried to improve by translating this site from finnish to english.

    An example of some of his engineering on the case

    The case is simply wooden box, made of blasterboard. The main features are a ventilation system, an air filter, an opening side and a speed control for fans. The interior of the case is covered with sound absorbing material. And on top there is soft fleece-fabric to make the interior nice looking (and also to absorb noise).

    There are a lot of detailed pictures of materials, the building of the case and the finished work. I personally think this site is very well documented and maybe the best site on the web considering a noise insulation case built on a computer. At least I haven't seen any good site on this subject, and I surfed a lot on the web searching information about soundproofing cases when I was planning this project, and I found only few sites. Probably the best site considering soundproofing a computer, where all the best sites are gathered, is The Silent PC.

    I hope this my version of a noise insulation case offers you new insights and information on this hard and misunderstood art of soundproofing and acoustics. The finnish version of this site, which includes some music I've composed, can be located here:

    View: The Quiet PC site
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