Can somebody help me with this combination?

I run a Danish XP with a Danish Office 2003 Standard Edition.
I have installed Proofing Tools in order to obtain Polish spell checker - both a full installation and a custom with only Polish checked.
I have also tried repairing the Proofing Tools installation.
I have also installed Polish Keyboard
All available updates for Office 2003 and Proofing Tools installed.
I have even tried rebooting it.

When I have a document with Polish language and try initiating the grammar (F7) I get the following message (roughly translated):

"Word cannot open the file to the Spelling checker: c:\programmer\faelles filer\microsoft shared\proof\mssp3ppl.lex"

Yet, the file is indeed there as well as the dll file of the same name.

In a document with English, Danish and Polish text the two former are spell checked okay - only the Polish is not.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance - karspoul