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    Task Manager

    I can't open my task manager. I recently installed a new Nvidia Geforce 6200 video card and after that things seemed to not work like they use to. A friend told me to download the beta drivers not the non-beta drivers to try and fix the problem, it didn't. I tried reinstalling the driver, that didn't work. I tried reinstalling the older driver, that didn't work. If anyone could give me information or any ideas as to why my Task Manager does not come up that would be great.

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    If the problem only started when you installed the drivers for the card then they are what caused it. You can use Driver Cleaner professional to remove all the bits of the drivers you have installed and see then if you can install the new driver cleanly. Driver Cleaner professional can be downloaded from . There are some other steps you can take but start there.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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