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Thread: Sandisk MP3 Player - SDMX1-1024-A18

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    Sandisk MP3 Player - SDMX1-1024-A18

    I was thinking about buying someone a MP3 player for Christmas. I'm NOT buying an ipod, because I installed itunes 6.0 and there's an option in there that renames all your MP3s and it made about 3000 extra folders, putting each MP3 into its own folder, so I had to delete <40GB of MP3s and start over again. On my last day off I was a rippin' foo. I'm not happy to say the least, screw Apple, if you have a retarded option in the software like that in the first place I don't want any part of it....

    Another thing that's important to me is that I don't want to have to use software to transfer the MP3s, I feel that it should be done as a removeable drive so you can just drag & drop the files and/or folders.

    So I was thinking about getting the Sandisk SDMX1-1024-A18. Does anyone have it and know if it's a pretty good player?

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    Have you read the reviews here?

    Offtopic - Nice website, mightymo.

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    Thanks a lot.

    Yeah it seems like a good choice. I wish they had a 2GB model though. I'll probably get it.

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