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Thread: IE hanging on some sites

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    IE hanging on some sites

    This is a problem I have been dealing with unsucessfully for a while. When I am browsing, some websites will cause IE to start going REALLY slow. If I check the taskmanager, it shows that IE is using 100% of the processor. As soon as I close IE the processor usage returns to normal. This only happens on some sites, like and I recently noticed another. I have installed firefox and it does not have this problem. Pretty much have no idea what could be causing this. Any advice is welcome, TIA!

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    You could (re)install IE SP 1, reinstall IE, try spyware blaster.

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    did you try dumping the cookies, temp folders, and so on? Did you try resetting the IE settings in tools/internet options/programs/reset websettings?

    2% chance it is a corrupt hosts file. Could also be wacky firewall settings... but then firefox probably wouldn't work...

    Might be spyware or adware... check egghead's thread...

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