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Thread: Free MS Software for British MS Pasport holders

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    Free MS Software for British MS Pasport holders

    Did you know that it is now possible to get Windows .NET RC1 trail from TechNET (Microsoft UK)? Plus you can also get a lot of other trial software courtesy of Microsoft. This software includes:

    -Visuals Studio NET (DVD Version)
    -Office XP Standard Version
    -Windows 2000 Server/ Advance Server
    -Microsoft Windows Management Platform
    -SQL Server 2000
    -Windows XP Pro
    -Plus lots more.........

    If this sounds appealing to you or so just wish to try out the latest offering from Microsoft
    link for further info

    To be able to obtain any of this software you need to live in the United Kingdom (UK) and have a MS Passport.

    Evaluation Software:
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    For American's if you want to get .Net Candidate 1 simply go here

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