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Thread: Install Win XP through DOS

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    Install Win XP through DOS

    Is it possible to install Win XP through DOS.(I mean when the hard disk is formatted & there is no OS except DOS).
    If it is not possible to install Win XP through DOS then how it can be installed on a fresh new system.(Considering that it can be installed by 1st installing Win 98 & then upgrading it.)
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    You need to boot from the XP cd.Setup will then format the partition and install XP.

    Go into your BIOS setup and change the First Boot Device entry to CDROM.
    Save the changes and reboot,quickly pop the XP cd in,and hit enter when you see the Boot from CD message.XP will install some files and will then offer the set up options.Select which type of format you want(not quick format) and the partition you wish to install on.The whole installation process takes about an hour.

    When XP is has finished installing go back into your BIOS setup and change the "First Boot Device" to Floppy.
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    you setup from dos
    however it is slow

    but if you run smartdrive before setup, its faster
    you can goto the i386 folder and the filename for setup is i think winnt.exe
    dont attempt to enter i386 without smartdrive
    with over 4000+ files
    doing a simpledir command is time consuming

    hope this helps

    the cd install is the way to go

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