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Thread: Exploring CDs in WindowsXP

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    Question Exploring CDs in WindowsXP

    I have an instance of 2 separate machines, one with a normal CD Rom drive and the other with a DVD drive, exhibiting the same behaviour.
    Whenever a CD is right-clicked on, in the 'My Computer' window and the Explore option is selected, the screen simply blinks and returns to the 'My Computer' window ie. the CD is not explored.
    Here are the facts that I have found with both of these syatems.

    1. Both machines are WindowsXP Home.
    2. The CDs are recognised and autoplay quite happily.
    3. Games etc.. can be installed and run without issue with a CD in the drive.
    4. I can browse the CD using the Windows command prompt and copying files from the CD to the local hard drive.

    Just cannot Explore them, regardless of whether they're copy-protected or not. Anyone else come across this little (and very annoying) issue and found a resolution?



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    Found the answer, courtesy of the pro-networks bulletin board:

    " You are unable to browse a CD in My Computer or Explorer however the CD works perfectly when auto running and installing.

    To resolve this issue do the following:

    Click Start

    Right click on My Computer and click on Manage

    When the Computer Management screen appears, left click on Device Manager

    Click the + next to DVD/CDROM Drives to reveal a list of installed drives

    Right click each of the installed drives in turn and click Uninstall from the pop-up menu

    When this is done click the Action menu and click on Scan For Hardware Changes

    The drives will be reinstalled automatically and should now function correctly."


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