I have an instance of 2 separate machines, one with a normal CD Rom drive and the other with a DVD drive, exhibiting the same behaviour.
Whenever a CD is right-clicked on, in the 'My Computer' window and the Explore option is selected, the screen simply blinks and returns to the 'My Computer' window ie. the CD is not explored.
Here are the facts that I have found with both of these syatems.

1. Both machines are WindowsXP Home.
2. The CDs are recognised and autoplay quite happily.
3. Games etc.. can be installed and run without issue with a CD in the drive.
4. I can browse the CD using the Windows command prompt and copying files from the CD to the local hard drive.

Just cannot Explore them, regardless of whether they're copy-protected or not. Anyone else come across this little (and very annoying) issue and found a resolution?