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Thread: Restricted user in xp

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    Question Restricted user in xp

    There are two users in my xp professional. A is Administrator, B is Restricted User so B cannot install anything on the computer.

    After A install some softwares (e.g. MS Office, ICQ...), B cannot use them. To allow B to use such programs, I set B as Administrator.

    Is there any way to let B to use such programs while maintaining him as Restricted User because I don't want him to use any administrative function?


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    Well, U can log in as B and then do shortcuy´ts on the desk
    Exit is a way out

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    Since it appears as though you have access to both profiles, I would suggest have profile B as the Admin, re-install the software under profile B then change the profile to limited.

    Some programs - such as Act! - ask you if you wish the user you are installing to have access only or all users of the computer. You can then respond to 'all' and every user should have access.

    Hope this helps.


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    You should be able to install programs that you want all users to have access to under the "all users" directory...

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