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    Question Control Issue

    I have a friend that has a strange issue.
    His computer works well except for the part where he would like to change his appearance.
    If he right clicks on the main screen and in the drop-down menu goes to "Properties", there is no response.
    Same if he goes to Control Panel and goes to Appearance & Themes, he cannot get any response from any action he wants to take there.
    It blinks for a second, then nothing.
    Every other function in Control Panel and on the desktop works fine,
    just that issue does not function correctly.
    Is there a missing .dll or something else I can not see that is preventing him from completing the task?
    Any help is appreciated..

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    Sounds like a Registry cleaner was used or AV that had a false positive, maybe they removed something that should'nt have been.

    System Restore or XP Repair would be my choice unless there's a backup from a program that removed something.

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