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Thread: attn WindowsXP Corporate Edition Expires

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    attn WindowsXP Corporate Edition Expires

    i just found this post from june
    i dont know if this has been posted before but i must post it now

    WindowsXP Corporate Edition Expires
    Posted Tuesday 04 June @ 02:32:00

    Lemmi of WinHelpline send words that some versions of Windows XP Corporate Edition expired last week.

    To check out whether it version concerned possesses:

    1. Search for file NT5.CAT
    2. Click on properties
    3. Digital signature
    4. The certificate Microsoft Windows XP Publisher click on details
    5. Show certificate
    6. Now stands there: valid to 29.05.2002
    7. All drivers are no longer certified likewise!

    This problem arises also with bought versions of Windows XP. Thus only illegal versions are not concerned!!


    anyone know german that can translate it in english in tech terms?

    can someone set their date to 2006 and install xp from scratch to see if it wont install?

    mine states it will expire in 2003 but i havent checked a fresh install yet
    i will install in a month or so and do the date check then

    i set the date to 2004 on this computer and the rebbot was fine so who knows

    m$ states that you will need to patch your cd for later installs in 2004

    so who knows?

    i think this would be possible since m$ wants corp to upgrade every year and it would be foolish to give a copy of windows that would install fresh for life


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    edit - misread post..error on my part..sorry

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    Mine says the certificate is valid up to July 2003.

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    mine too

    so what the hell does it all mean?

    phuck it!

    im going back to windows 3.11

    the good ole days when software would last a lifetime

    just kidding

    maybe m$ wants to tame corporations into easy online poduct installing and a unique licence that expires quarterly

    this way they could keep the product and only lease you windows so you would keep giving them money because they need new revenue caus people still use win95 for internet and microsoft wants there products to expire so we will surf to .net and upgrade or operating system because they fixed the bugs caused by the fixed bugs that the fix fixed

    the web will turn into an online serpant that will strech out into everyones home and software will be half......

    time to goto sleep

    i am about to expire

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