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Thread: PAL import PS2 games on UK PS2

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    PAL import PS2 games on UK PS2

    I thought UK PS2 consoles ran PAL games, as opposed to whatever the US has. But I've seen a couple of online stores selling 'PAL imports'. How are these different from the games I'd buy on the high-street, and will a normal UK PS2 play them?
    I don't plan to start trying to crack my PS2 or anything - just want to know if these games will work.

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    PAL import games would have to be for NTSC region countries. If your machine is a PAL PS2 (most European, Oz, Nz, etc..) then you can play PAL games.

    You cannot play NTSC without some sort of enhancement to your machine.

    Online stores that are selling PAL imports are targetting NTSC countries. On the other side, NTSC imports are targetting PAL countries/systems. To play a game from a different standard PAL->NTSC or NTSC->PAL you will need a modchip, gameshark or some other method.

    PAL->PAL should work perfectly. NTSC->NTSC should also work fine.

    If you are unsure contact the online store and ask them directly. Further I'd check on their return policy just in case.

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