You can easily restore the database file to its original state using the steps outlined below:

1.Open the %SystemRoot%\Security folder, create a new folder, and then name it "OldSecurity".

2.Move all of the files ending in .log from the %SystemRoot%\Security folder to the OldSecurity folder.

3.Find the Secedit.sdb file in the %SystemRoot%\Security\Database folder, and then rename this file to "Secedit.old".

4.Click Start, click Run, type mmc, and then click OK.

5.Click Console, click Add/Remove Snap-in, and then add the Security and Configuration snap-in.

6.Right-click Security and Configuration and Analysis, and then click Open Database.

7.Browse to the %SystemRoot%\Security\Database folder, type Secedit.sdb in the File name box, and then click Open.

8.When you are prompted to import a template, click Setup Security.inf, and then click Open.