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Thread: granting access for outlook

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    Unhappy granting access for outlook

    I am fooling about with a webcam which has a security setting whereby it takes a picture when movement is monitored and sends an email of the event to an email address

    but I get this
    "A program is trying to access your Address Book
    A program is trying to access your Address Book or contacts. Viruses can spread by sending copies of e-mail messages to people listed in your Address Book. You must allow or deny access to your Address Book before this program can continue.

    Allow access

    Do one or both of the following:

    To allow the program access for this instance only (such as for one contact), click Yes.
    To allow unsecured access for a specified time period of up to 10 minutes, select the Allow Access for check box, and then click a time period in the list.
    Deny access

    Click No. "

    what I want to know is how you grant access all the time - or is there another way round this?

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    It would appear that it depends onthe software that you are using

    "In general, you cannot prevent this caution from appearing. You should not get this message if your synchronization software is a trusted add-in that can properly identify itself to Outlook as a safe program. Check with your synchronization software vendor."

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