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Thread: Powerpoint Issue

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    Powerpoint Issue

    A friend of mine has a strange issue with powerpoint.
    He can't seem to open any powerpoint presentations.
    The message he gets is:

    This file does not have a program accociated with it for performing this action.
    Create an accociation in the folder options control panel.

    I find this srtange because I went through quite a few steps (SEE BELOW)
    and still the problem exists.
    Is there something I am missing??

    1. I made sure the presentations were coming in as .pps
    2. I checked that the Powerpoint viewer was on the system.
    3. I reinstalled the Powerpoint viewer in case some files were missing.
    4. I verified the installation.
    5. I went to Start/Control Panel/Options/Folder Options/Files to make sure the PPS was there and "Opens with" Microsoft Powerpoint.

    All of the above was there, rebooted and still the problem persists.
    NOTE: I also did a full sweep with a few virus scans and spy sweepers and trojan scanners and all came up clean.

    Any Ideas?
    Perhaps I am missing something simple??


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    Have you checked that the path actually points to the PowerPoint executable?

    Rirght click on the file.
    Choose open with.
    Select other.
    Locate the PowerPoint program file and click ok.
    Check the "always use this program to open files" box.
    Click ok.
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    Exclamation Powerpoint Issue

    I have found a solution to the issue that really works fine.


    Thanks all for your help...

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