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Thread: Migrating from Windows to Linux

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    Migrating from Windows to Linux

    Great old article from Toms Hardware on what to consider before installing Linux, possibly what distro(s) to choose, and even how\where to get them and even how to burn the ISO files.

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    We recommend Red Hat Fedora, Mandrake Linux or SUSE for the first time switchers. These three distributions are easy to install, have good hardware compatibility and come with boatloads of software.
    Excellent suggestion, though Ubuntu and Xandros have made quite an impression on me.. more so Xandros that Ubuntu.


    Printing has gotten much easier in Linux. HP has released Linux drivers for most of their printers ( ). Other printer drivers can be found at this website ( )
    Great information. The two links there really have good information about printing and linux.. especially


    You can make your migration as painless as possible with thorough planning and preparation. Too often, I have seen people jump on the Linux bandwagon and format their computers, only to find out that they accidentally erased some of their important documents. Don't let that happen to you!

    In part II of our Migration from Windows to Linux article, we will cover installation of Linux, Open Office and the various music/video players in Linux. Until then, say goodbye to your Windows OS, because its doom is approaching.
    Great way to sum it up. I think also that supporting Linux is not just about hating Microsoft. It is about having another choice to choose from. Linux might always be one or two steps behind Microsoft, but I can see that gap narrowing year after year.

    It's a good time to give linux a try. Especially if you are a just a daily surfer. Or a simple letter writer.

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    DOS Emulation

    If you rely on some of your old DOS software (or just want to run classic games for fun) youcan get most stuff woring with DOSEmu it's much faster than DOSBox. I can run Quake at full speed as the reasonable resolution of 640x480 on my 1800MHz machine with DOSEmu and it's very slow even at 320x200 with DOSBox.

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