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Written by Jem Matzan

I first demoed Versora Progression Desktop at LinuxWorld Boston in February of 2005, and was impressed by what it could do. Basically it takes all of your essential data and program settings (and even some decidedly nonessential settings) and transfers them to GNU/Linux. I hadn't heard much from the company since then -- until Linspire announced a partnership with them recently. The deal is, Progression Desktop will move you from Windows to Linspire without any hassle. Read on for the full review.

Versora overview

Versora specializes in migration software. You can migrate databases, servers, and other programs from Microsoft-centric platforms to GNU/Linux-based solutions. Progression Desktop is their consumer-grade product. It's usually priced at US $30, but if you get it through Linspire it's half that price, or a quarter the price if you're a Click N Run Gold member.

So what does Progression Desktop do? Basically it moves all of the superficial settings and user data from a Windows system to GNU/Linux. This includes desktop theme, wallpaper, desktop icons, screen saver, keyboard and mouse settings, sound scheme, email, contacts, Web bookmarks, default home page, and documents that you've created with various programs.