With SWG I miss these feature of the game when it first came out. Eight playable species with detailed character customizability Entirely new 3D engine designed to portray the Star Wars galaxy in the greatest possible detail. A seamless universe spanning both familiar and never-before seen worlds from Star Wars. Vehicles for travel across worlds and through space. Extensive support for player run associations. In-depth skill-based system of advancement. Encounter and interact with famous Star Wars characters. Ally with the Rebel or Imperial sides of the Galactic Civil War, or remain neutral. Build and own houses, factories, and more Define your own role in the galaxy; become bounty hunters, merchant, smugglers, Jedi and more! Full team support with future expansions and updates.

But now SWG has died. The changes made have completely ruined the game in ever aspect. It really started with the Combat upgrade and ended with this last revamp they would like to call an improvement. So what are your thoughts about SWG and the direction it has taken? If there are plans for a SWG 2 I hope the SOE has nothing to do with it.

So if you was or still are a Star wars galaxies fan post your thoughts about the game here.