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Thread: Survey: More Parents Playing Video Games

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    Survey: More Parents Playing Video Games

    In a sign that video games are becoming more popular as family entertainment, a national survey released Thursday indicates joysticks aren't just for kids.

    Thirty-five percent, or about one in three parents, say they play, too, and 80 percent of that segment play video games with their children, according to the new survey commissioned by the Entertainment Software Association, a video game industry group.

    The average "gamer parent" spends 19 hours a month playing video games, and spends roughly half that time playing alongside kids, the survey found.

    Two-thirds of the gamer parents said they feel that playing video games has brought their families closer together.
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    I heard a child shrink say that the violence in games and movies is negated by parent interaction during the consumption of such stuff. Not just sitting there watching but playing and talking about the movie or game while its happening.
    More proof that good drugs and good legislation will never replace good parenting.

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