Courtesy of Slashdot:
February 7th, 2006
Researchers from the University of New South Wales, Australia, are developing a coating that may make cleaning bathrooms less of a chore.

... To further keep the bathroom clean, nanoparticles kill the microbes and removes organic compounds. The titanium dioxide contains 'superhydrophilicity'. Superhydrophilicity makes it so that liquid droplets do not form on the surface. It makes the liquid run off, washing the toilet in the process.
... Currently the researchers have been able to get glass coated with the new nanoparticles to kill Escherichia coli using light from an indoor lamp. They have done this in lab trials.

... At this time it is currently only in development. The researchers estimate it will take about a year before it can be incorporated into any manufacturing test runs. I can hardly wait for the day it becomes available for the masses. It would be great for use in hospitals and public bathrooms. It would be splendid to have a clean bathroom that would clean itself.