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Thread: Remote Desktop in Win2000?

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    Remote Desktop in Win2000?

    Somebody hinted to me recently that while Remote Desktop does not come with Win2K, it is possible to install it as a service since 2K & XP share the same core.

    Is this true, and if so how can I do it? RD is one of the most useful (and well-implemented) features of XP. I'm on Win2K Pro SP4 if it makes any difference.

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    "On the Windows XP CD, under \SUPPORT\TOOLS you'll find a file called
    MSRDPCLI.exe. This file contains the setup for the Terminal Client Software
    (Remote Desktop Connection, or MSTSC.exe) for Windows 9x/2000 computers. You
    can run this file to install the new terminal services client to perform
    Remote Control to your Windows XP Professional computers (And Windows
    terminal services servers) from Windows 95/98,..."
    Quoted from "Professor Windows"
    snagged that from the google groups:

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