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Thread: Linux File Structure

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    Linux File Structure

    Great if you are Linux noob like me. This could aid as a quick reference of where you will find the files you are looking for.

    The Linux system contains thousand of files located within many directories. All directories are organized in a tree-structure like manner. For novice users the linux directory structure may seem unlogical and strange and they may have no idea where all the programs, icons, config files, and others are. However, all files are grouped according to purpose. Parts of a Unix directory tree are listed below. All directories are grouped under the root entry "/".

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    For more (excrutiating) detail look here or if you just want to find stuff most distros include the updatedb command and the locate command. As root (or as a cron job) run updatedb and it will build a database of all the file/foldernames on the system then you can use locate to search the database i.e. #locate fstab

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    It would be nice to print that out and attach it to your desktop somewhere.

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