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Thread: 2 x XP Pro OSes at boot?

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    Exclamation 2 x XP Pro OSes at boot?

    Hi All
    I've come across this once before, but still don't know what causes it or how to fix it. I am installing a system onto a client's laptop (a brand new Asus A6B00K Turion) - as you may know, these machines (like most laptops) come "preinstalled". I hate pre-install: it's for dummies. Anyway, part of the thing I do with new laptops is format the HDD (to get rid of the stupid FAT 32 partition ), then load all the software from the ground-up (also a good way to get rid of all the crap that gets pre-loaded: thanks Asus... ) I noted that on this laptop, there were 2 FAT 32 partitions: a big one (over 30GB - the machine has a 100GB drive), and a small 8MB one (which was named "Boot Loader" or something). I deleted both FAT 32 partitions and the NTFS partition, then created one single NTFS, then did a full format (not a quick one). After doing the initial XP load, and doing all the driver updates, when I restart, a black screen comes up asking me to select the OS I want to load: Windows XP Pro or Windows XP Pro. If I choose the first XP Pro, the system boots, and all is well. If I choose the 2nd, it says that the disk is missing, blah blah and nothing happens. My only thought is that for some reason, because I formatted and installed off a CD, that the computer has, for some unknown reason, remembered this, and gives me the option to boot off it. My client doesn't need this option, and I want it to "go away". How do I do it?

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    I think that you still have the original mbr on this drive. Either use a utility to fix the mbr or use instructions here.
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    You can also remove that extra boot option from the Boot.ini tab in MSCONFIG.

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