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Thread: I've finally found where the TZ server is located...

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    I've finally found where the TZ server is located...

    The Bunker is situated on 18 acres of land and surrounded by concertina wiring in Kent, England. It is an impregnable fortress, sitting 30 metres below ground. It has concrete walls three metres thick, steel doors weighing over two tons that protect the servers and digital storage units within.

    Layered on top of this physical inaccessibility is a 24-hour watch with guard dogs, CCTV and a series of sophisticated access controls that offer the ultimate in protection from a myriad of attacks, including crackers, terrorist attack, electro-magnetic pulse, electronic eavesdropping, HERF weapons and solar flares.

    The Bunker is designed to keep digital data available to you at all times. There are sufficient underground diesel tanks to keep the plant running for a solid three months without refuelling, and dual UPS systems capable of running the entire server facility for forty hours in the event of a power outage, to ensure there is no interruption to service during switchover.

    The Bunker defines the market for secure hosting, incorporating the highest levels of:

    * Physical Security: we run our hosting operations from cold war era nuclear bunkers, which are state-of-the-art installations, purpose built with security in mind and originally constructed as an integral part of the UK's strategic communications network.
    * Digital Security: the experience of our technical team in providing secure cryptographic solutions, combined with the Bunkers high level of physical security and client identification procedures, offer the ultimate in protection from a myriad of attacks.
    * Security Culture: we advocate to all our customers a specific set of security procedures and processes, to help ensure the integrity of your systems.

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    I bet I could f@rt and clear out the place.
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    wow... im sure there would be a hidden air/con shaft, so that the x-wing fighters can shoot down and take out the generators! LOL...

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    Maybe Dick Chaney on a new Quail Hunt could clear the place out... by accident of course

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