Hey everyone, I bought FFXI for the PS2 a year ago and quit...now I am coming back.

I had a wireless network setup with a Linksys Router and Linksys Game Adapter-B.
It worked perfectly so I know I don't need to buy anything...but I wasn't around during the last setup.

My router connects to a PC(Host) downstairs and a laptop upstairs were my PS2 is.

The Game Adapter is connected to the PS2 and to the Power Outlet, but that's about all I know about it. I'm fairly sure I need to connect the adapter to the router...but once again I am completely clueless.

If someone could walk me through and/or give support ideas on what my problem is, I would help me out so much, I've been dealing with this myself for the past few days and this is my final hope, please help. Dalton

P.S The Game Adapter has no lights flashing below the channels