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    Argh I'm frustrated!
    The Win XP autorun kept disabling by itself after apply those patches.............
    Any way to enable it?
    Me checked the registry and all the autorun values checks out fine so wat should be the problem now then? Any solutions?

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    Just to double check
    the registry settings
    Enable or Disable the CD-ROM Autorun Feature

    You can disable the CD-ROM autorun by changing this setting, this will stop applications from auto launching when you insert a CD-ROM disc into your drive.

    Open: trolSet\Services\CDRomHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentCon

    Change to value of 'Autorun', or create a new DWORD value if it doesn't exist: (0=disable, 1=enable)

    Restart Your Computer.
    are you restarting afterwards?

    Try this patch if it does not work

    You can also right click the device, choose properties, autoplay, and then manually configure the autoplay feature to work with a specific program....
    What kind of CD do you want to autorun? Music, or soft?

    Other than that,
    try to run a sfc /scannow this will repair any damaged system files, but make sure you have your windows XP disc available as if there are any damaged files it will prompt you to insert your XP cd.

    Try a system restore, to see if this will correct the situation,

    other than that...
    reformat and start over, as I have ran out of suggestions.

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