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Thread: Are there differnt kinds of Temp files in XP

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    Are there differnt kinds of Temp files in XP

    I ask because...

    1. If I go C > Properties > Disk Cleanup, Disck cleanup runs, lists files/whatever with the space they take up and asks if I want to remove them. Well, one of the list items is called 'Temp" about which it says: "Programs sometimes store temporary information in a temp folder. Before a program closes, it usually deletes this information."

    2. If, however, I go C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\... I see next a folder called 'Temp'.

    Is this temp different than the C > Properties > Disk Cleanup temp folder. If it is what is the difference?

    And can these temp files in #2 be safely deleted--at least the ones that Windows will let you delete?
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    I believe that these are the same folder.

    As for deleting items in there, typically you can remove all the files and sub-folders within the temp folder without any problems.

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