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Thread: Strange problem w/ IE6.0

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    Strange problem w/ IE6.0

    my laptop has really strange problem and I don't have an idea how to fix it. When typing a webaddress to address bar and clicking "Go", nothing happens same thing when I'm trying to access to a website through: File->Open command. But when typing the website address into: Start->Run command it goes where I want it to go. It also opens the website when I type the address into google search field.
    So my problem seems to be that File->Open and Address bar in IE are not working.
    Does anyone has idea what could fix this problem?

    Thanks, Kessu

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    Did you run a spyware cleaning? It seems as your IE has been hijacked.
    Also other legit programs might cause problems with IE. In my PC IE would make processes after a while of running to jump to 50% CPU. I don't know yet if it is because it affects the explorer.exe, or jumps because it messes up the process priority. I Just know that If I don't open IE, I am way happier
    So, for you, use Firefox, download adaware, spybot and defender from Microsoft. Run full scan (and updated) with all 3 of them., and then restart your PC, and try again

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