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Thread: Ubisoft drops Starforce

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    Ubisoft drops Starforce

    Just an interesting read: Yahoo News

    Personally, I've never had a problem with the Starforce drivers messing up my computer, but I've read stories about it. I'm all for companies protecting their games, but I don't beleive they should do it at the expense of stability.

    Thanks Ubisoft!

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    well, I think here is a copywright method that they should include.....INCLUDE EXTRA CONTENT IN ORIGINAL. This should be the same for music industry as well. For example, take into consideration MechWarrior 3, I bought the game (just because it was on sale, and the box looked COOL ) but I played MechWarrior 4. I was impressed with MW4 but it was way too difficult to enjoy, still, I tried MW3, when I open the box, I actually was please, it included a handbook with the mech specs, weapon and accessories spec, and a keyboard layout poster. That made the game more enjyable, because I could concentrate into playing instead of learning and stuying specs so I could decide what to salvage (Mech players know what I mean)
    That is extra Content. .Hack Series, as FEAR come with another DVD with Anime or mechanimation. Silent Hill includes the soundtrack. Most Wanted Black Edition included bonus DVD (it should have included the soundtrack as well). So instead or penalizing the pirate, or making it difficult to copy, they should reward the original purchaser, and make it obvious. Most games there is no difference if you buy it, download it, or got a copy from a friend.
    C'mon developers. Include more exclusive access, make it known also. Buy Half Life 2 and Get Half Life for half a price, or free. Reward the loyal (just like a car maker) Give me exclusive levels, exclusive content to download, a special point in my account. For example, with Ubisoft, Beyond good an Evil, you get a code as you go playing, which puts you on a list, and lets you access other areas, that you can use it in the game later (I have the gamcube version) With this code you unlock another jewel in the game, and it is the only way to finish with perfect score. Well, yeahh, if you don't have Internet connection you will have to conform with a 95% completion rate, but go to a cybercafe .
    This are just quick examples. I think their marketting department is just too busy with making it the most visible game, instead of providing value. It was a good step when they reduced the box, in order to reduce cost, but prices are back to what they were before

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