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Thread: How To Disable The Annoying Genuine Message Popup

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    How To Disable The Annoying Genuine Message Popup

    Microsoft releases a update today, so yeh: Run task manager and kill WgaTray.exe. Then, go to System32 folder and find WgaTray.exe and wgalogon.dll. Rename both files to something like WgaTray1.exe and wgalogon1.dll and do a restart. No more annoying messages from Microsoft If your XP isn't registered. Tested, and works as of right now.

    Techzonez does not in any way endorse piracy, however if you are the victim of a fradulent license seller of XP and you are getting these annoying messages, this fix should take care of it long enough for you to get a legitimate copy of XP.

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    The way they went about this annoyed me. Got the initial message that update available, checked to see what it was, thought sod you 'big brother is watching' microsoft, and logged off. Next day there was a VIA ethernet driver update advised as available, went on auto-update and was advised the auto update SW itself needed updating, clicked OK - lo and behold 'authenticity SW is being installed' - bloody insidious. Hope someone is happy to know my OS is authentic at the cost of annoying a paying customer, great business model that.

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