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Thread: Has anyone tried the MS Office Live Beta?

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    Has anyone tried the MS Office Live Beta?

    Create your own professional Web site in minutes! Microsoft Office Live Basics is the perfect way to get started on the Web. It features all the basics you need to create your first Web site, including free hosting, Web site statistics, personalized domain name, and e-mail addresses.

    Easy-to-use Web site design tool

    Get started fast with our easy-to-use Site Designer tool. Don't worry — it was designed with the small-business owner in mind, so you can quickly create your own Web site.

    Free domain name and hosting

    Select your own domain name (for example, and let Microsoft keep your Web site up and running.

    5 personalized e-mail accounts

    Access your company e-mail using your personalized domain name (for example, [email protected]).

    Storage and data transfer

    More than enough space to promote every aspect of your business and plenty of bandwidth to allow lots of customers to visit your site.

    Web site traffic analysis and reporting tools

    View the success of your Web site with reporting that lets you see how often people visit your site, what pages they visit the most, and their system and browser information.


    Our online support pages are here to answer questions and help you get started by providing quick responses to your most frequent questions. One-on-one e-mail support is also available to address other questions.

    *And the "Live Basics Beta" shows to be free both during the beta period and after*

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    Looks very impressive, might try it out for my cousin's new construction business... any web presence is better than none. I wonder how long after the beta will the basic package remain free?! Good value none the less.

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