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Thread: PSP X and PSP 8

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    PSP X and PSP 8

    I recentally d/l PSP X trial verison of PSP and the 30 days were up and ok so I went to open my PSP 8 and open a file in there and it's saying its not a valid PSP image....HOW the HECK do I open a PSPX file in PSP 8?? Do I have to buy PSP X to get these back? I have a ton of files I made in PSP X that I would LOVE to have right now, and I can't afford PSP I screwed or is there another way I can get my files back?

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    You can change the files to a different format but you will loose the editability. Do a Google search to find a file conversion app that will allow you to keep the files intact if you need.

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