The first thing one notices about MiniME is it's speed. This thing is fast! Even when running from the CD.

MiniMe @DistroWatch

This is the Distro I've settled on.

MiniMe starts out stripped of bloat, adding the software you need is simple as pie. The LiveCD recognized and configured the hardware on all my PC's without so much as a whimper

PCLinuxOS MiniMe and the full version .92 have a cool feature called "ReMaster LiveCD" Build your OS the way you want, customize and make it all pretty, now make a LiveCD in minuites.

Going on vacation ? visiting Grandma or Uncle Joe ? hate the thought of leaving your PC behind cuz theirs suks real bad ? haha... no worry, just take your ReMastered LiveCD with ya and aside from the cooking & smell I'll be like you never left home.

Oh and that work PC, ya the one you don't want to clutter up with your secret bookmarks...hehe, just plop the Ole' LiveCD in and have at it

ReMastered LiveCD also comes in handy when you crash & burn, format and reinstall from your LiveCD and all is back to normal. How can you beat that ?

You can't, so go grab yourself some PCLinuxOS