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Thread: Replace switch on Compaq Armada E500 ?

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    Replace switch on Compaq Armada E500 ?

    Is it possible to replace the on/off switch on a Compaq Armada E500 ? I just bought a used one and the on/off switch does nothing. When I plug in the power cord,the computer then starts up with no problem. To turn the computer off I just use the Start / Shutdown process etc. Then to turn the computer back on again, I need to remove the plug from the wall for about 5 seconds plug it back in, and then the computer starts up. The computer will start up again, but only if the battery is removed. The battery does say fully charged, but I think it is messed up. I don't care about using the battery, but must I remove the power cord from the wall in order to start up the computer ? Any suggestions ? Thanks !

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    These older laptops (as with most items) hard to fix without taking the computer to pieces... i would suggest, if ur not too good with tiny screwdrivers, take it to the repair IT shop...

    Now, if ur a Handy Dandy, then get ur small screwdrivers, and take the case apart.. i think there should be 5 or 6 screws on the bottom, and that should reveal the motherboard, or different areas of it at least... i think those on/off switches directly actuated a push button, rather than being a switch with wires... If it is wires, then you should be able to make ur own switch, it'll stick out of the case, but at least it should work

    good luck, let us know

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