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Thread: Installing Windows XP on a laptop

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    Installing Windows XP on a laptop


    I got my hands on a second hand laptop that has no operating system installed on it.

    I want to install Windows XP on it and I only have the regular Win XP installation CD not the original laptop CD.

    Last time I did something like that, it was with Win 98 and it worked but some features like hibernate etc. did not work very well.

    Should I expect same problems with XP?
    Is it possible to use a regular XP CD for a laptop installation or should I try to get an original laptop CD from the laptop vendor?

    Thank you


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    Yes you should be able to use a regular XP cd, but as u correctly assumed, many specific hardware drivers might not be included by default. You should get all the information about the laptop ie Make, Model, serial etc etc... then check the manufacturers' website for updated drivers...

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    Thank you for the reply.
    I will do that....

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