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Thread: OE6 and Router Issue

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    OE6 and Router Issue

    Hi, I am having trouble trying to send emails from Outlook Express with no attachments. I have an ADSL Router (Dynalink RTA770) with a broadband connection.

    I receive the error code 0x800CCC0B when trying to send and the only way the email can be sent is by resetting the ADSL Router. It happens sporadically during my day and it really bugs me.

    Can someone help shed any technical light on what is really causing this issue (I figure that it is the router/internet connection that is causing it but I need to know what is really causing the problem, e.g. why OE? and why sporadically?)?


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    How did u setup or ADSL connection, does it use PPPoE(A) with the login details in XP or inside the Router? Check if there is an 'Idle' disconnect feature from the router and ISP....

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    You might also bypass the router if you haven't already. Just for testing purposes.

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