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Thread: Found Laptop

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    Found Laptop

    I found a laptop (Dell Latitude) at my library and turned it in. After 30 days, no one had claimed the computer and it was given to me. It seems to work fine, but is password protected. It is XP Professional and has a login (ctrl+alt+del) when it is started. Is there a way to circumvent the login process, change the password or do I have to reinstall XP or ??? Any help is appreciated.


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    Unfortuneatly for you there is no way around it (short of ways found via Google). You should contact the vendor to do a transfer of ownership to be able to get any warranty on it that may be left.

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    I would also do as rik suggested and contact Dell to see if you can get that warranty transferred as you are now the new owner.

    If you had an XP disk you could just install over the existing installation, but if you are going to do that, you should simply start from scratch.

    I personally would format just because I wouldn't want to be responsible for any files that were left on that computer... and privacy issues/viruses/spyware/adware etc...

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    hmmmm......he may have notified Dell of the loss....reformat, reinstall..... ..did I say that....

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